Concrete Stucco Table Metall Legs

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Concrete stucco / Beton-Ciré table top with steel base.
We tailor-make these tables for you. It is not solid concrete but a special product that is plastered on wood. It is a real concrete product, which is applied in 2 layers and then sealed with a lacquer. It is waterproof and easy to keep clean. Since it is a real concrete product, the top has a nice concrete patina. Each table top is unique and completely handmade. The table top comes with steel legs. The choice of legs is normal legs, U-shape or an X-leg.
Due to the special process, the table tops are not heavy, as it is not solid concrete, but only the top layers. This makes the table easy to move. Thickness top 6.5 cm, wide 95 cm x height 77.5 cm. Blade length; 160, 180, 200, 220 or 240 cm
In the menu you will find the sizes of the table tops that can be ordered. They are made to order especially for you.

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